PORSCHE 911 991.1 R - 991 Units

Welcome to the epitome of driving purity - the Porsche 911 991.1 R. This exceptional model is not just a car; it's a celebration of precision engineering, performance excellence, and the sheer joy of driving.

Unveiled for the first time at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show, the 2016 Porsche 911 R pays homage to its racing heritage, harking back to the original road-homologated race car introduced in 1967. As part of a limited production series, the inaugural 911 R (R for Racing) made its mark in rallies, the Targa Florio, and world record attempts. Echoing its iconic predecessor, the new 911 R embraces systematic lightweight construction, high-performance attributes, and an unfiltered driving experience.

Limited to a worldwide production of 991 units, the 911 R stands out as the lightest variant of the 911, boasting a curb weight of merely 3021 pounds. Its power emanates from a robust 500 hp four-liter naturally aspirated flat-six engine, seamlessly paired with a six-speed manual transmission. This meticulously crafted sports car underscores Porsche's unwavering commitment to manufacturing emotionally charged, high-performance vehicles that prioritize the utmost driving pleasure.

Conceived by Porsche's motorsport department, the 911 R proudly joins the ranks of Porsche's latest generation of high-performance naturally aspirated flat-six engines, alongside the formidable 911 GT3 and 911 GT3 RS models. With a heritage deeply rooted in motorsports, the 911 R epitomizes Porsche's dedication to delivering an immersive and engaging driving experience, ensuring it stands as a worthy successor to its legendary racing lineage.

PORSCHE 911 991.1 R

Key Features:

Lightweight Mastery:

The 911 991.1 R is a testament to Porsche's commitment to performance. Stripped down to essentials, this lightweight marvel combines a powerful performance with agility. Every component is meticulously designed to maximize efficiency without compromising on the iconic Porsche driving experience.

Raw Power and Performance:

Underneath the sleek and timeless exterior lies a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six engine, delivering an exhilarating 500 horsepower. The 911 991.1 R is a thoroughbred performer, accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in a breathtaking timeframe, giving drivers an unparalleled rush of adrenaline.

Six-Speed Manual Transmission:

Embracing the true spirit of driving enthusiasts, the 911 991.1 R comes exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission. This feature allows drivers to fully engage with the vehicle, providing an immersive and authentic driving experience that's increasingly rare in the modern automotive landscape.

Performance-Tuned Suspension:

Precision is not just a buzzword; it's a reality with the 991.1 R. The suspension system is finely tuned to offer an ideal balance between comfort and razor-sharp responsiveness. Whether cruising on the open road or attacking a winding track, the 911 991.1 R handles with poise and finesse.

Exclusive Design Elements:

The 991.1 R boasts exclusive design elements that set it apart. From the distinctive racing stripes to the aerodynamic enhancements, every detail is a nod to its racing heritage. Inside, the minimalist yet sophisticated cabin reflects a focus on the pure driving experience.

Driving Pleasure Elevated:

Owning the Porsche 911 991.1 R is not just about possessing a car; it's about entering a realm where driving is an art form. The symbiotic relationship between the driver and the machine is elevated to new heights, making every journey a thrilling adventure.

Limited Edition Appeal:

As a limited edition model, the 911 991.1 R holds a unique allure for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Its scarcity adds a layer of exclusivity, ensuring that each owner is part of an elite group that appreciates and understands the essence of driving perfection.


In the world of sports cars, the Porsche 911 991.1 R stands as a beacon of uncompromised driving pleasure. It's a blend of power, precision, and exclusivity, offering an experience that transcends the ordinary. Embrace the legacy of Porsche's racing heritage with the 911 991.1 R – where every drive is a celebration of automotive excellence.

PORSCHE 911 991.1 R
PORSCHE 911 991.1 R