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Pre-owned Classic Porsche Inspections

When buying a Porsche you need to take the emotion out of the purchase and ensure you buy the correct car. A beautiful classic Porsche 911 advertised can look amazing the photos and to the untrained eye the car might seem great.

If you purchase a Porsche for the first time this can be a steep learning curve and a very costly experience.

We have only the best inspectors including PCGB specialists.

In-depth Experience With Classic 911's

Our Porsche Inspection team have been working with Porsche for over 30 years

The 911 is a one of the most special cars to so many people. A genuine Porsche will give the owner years of enjoyment, but due to the fact a lot of people own them and cannot afford to run them you can find some cars which are very tired or hiding something you don't want to find.

Repairs to 911's that are done correctly will give the car years more life and its our job to be able to understand the cars past and ensure you get the right car.

Porsche Repair
Porsche Repairs

A vehicle Inspection and Extra Checks

Recorded as Stolen

We check if the vehicle is currently recorded on the Police National Computer as stolen or ever has been. Buying a stolen car is something that must be avoided as the car remains the property of whom it was taken from. If you buy a stolen car you stand to lose it, together with the money you paid for it.

Insurance Write-Off

We check the car has not been too badly damaged to be repaired economically or safely which would result in the car being declared by an insurance company as a total loss? These vehicles should never return to the road but some do, presenting a real danger to anyone who drives them.

Outstanding Finance

We check if there is any outstanding loan or finance agreement secured against the car? The debt stays with the vehicle not the borrower. If a car is brought in good faith and the finance hasn’t been settled then the lender can repossess the car and you could lose the car and the money you paid.

DVLA records state there are more than 200,000 stolen V5C registration documents, or logbooks, in circulation.

Any vehicle with a stolen V5C is likely to be cloned, rung or stolen.

Number of Owners

We check how many previous owners the car has had recorded on the logbook by DVLA and check this information to verify the history. Where possible we even contact the previous owners to ask history about the car.

Recorded as Scrapped

We check to see if the car has been marked as scrapped by the DVLA and ensure the car should be on the road and available for sale.

Logbook Check

We check the logbook actually belongs to the car and confirm is the most recent issued V5 with the correct serial number and date recorded by the DVLA.

Car cloning and clocking is a a real problem in the UK

Checking a cars past is vital to ensure you know what you are buying!

Mileage Discrepancies

We check the car is displaying the correct mileage. Mileage discrepancy can indicate the car has been clocked. The mileage of a car has a direct impact on the value.

Plate Changes

We check the number of plate changes and what registrations have been recorded on the car. We check the history and mileage to ensure nothing is being hidden.

Imported / Exported

We check if the car has been imported or exported?
It can be difficult to find out information about the history of the imported car prior to its registration in the UK.

Information mismatch could indicate a significant issue such as: cut and shut, stolen or cloned.

VIN / Chassis check

We check records related to the car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and check that the VIN / Chassis numbers on the car match the one on the V5C / Logbook.

MOT history check

We check MOT information and history which provides an insight into how well it has been maintained throughout its previous ownership.

Police Records

We use the Police National Computer consists of several databases giving access to information of national and local significance, including whether or not a vehicle is currently reported stolen.



We will provide a guide valuation for the car looking at mileage and condition, history and more and help to negotiate a price.

The price you pay for a car is as important as buying the right car. If the purchase price is right the chances are whether this is an investment purchase or bucket list item, the price is key and we can help find the right car for the budget you are looking to spend.

Car Inspection Cost?

The key to buying the right car is a Car Inspection and costs will vary depending on how deep we have to go into a car's history and what resources we need to use.
The distance we have to travel to inspect the car and what we find might need further investigation. We can also provide a delivery service.

A customer was happy to buy a lovely looking classic 911 930 Turbo

An example of how an inspection can help save you money and prevent you buying the wrong car. A customer was happy to purchase a lovely 911 930 Turbo but decided to ask for help before collecting the car of his dreams. As our inspector pulled up there was a lovely gleaming polished 911 and if buying with the heart this would be on a trailer and coming home its new owner.

In 10 minutes we found the car was a rot box with shoddy repairs and large issues which the owner himself was unaware of. To make matters worse the car was being driven still and we think the 911 930 Turbo nicknamed the Widow Maker needs to be mechanically and structurally sound at all times.

Porsche Inspection Found Anti-Roll Bar Fixing Rusted From Chassis

Porsche 911 pre insepction (3)

Porsche Inspection Found Odd Repairs To Fix Rust Issues

Porsche Inspecton Service (2)

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